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  • > Sam Bough RSA RSW
1822 - 1878
Bough frequently painted the coast and it was as much the fisherfolk that drew him as the picturesque villages and boats. One of Bough's great strengths, and passions, was the observation of weather and cloud formation. So excited was he by painting the weather that he would obtain reliable forecasts from one of the principal fishmongers of Edinburgh.
View of Dysart on the ForthHerring BoatsCanty Bay_FWAnkerstorm on the Zuyder Zee_FWDreadnought from Greenwich StairsEdinburgh from St Anthony's ChapelEdinburgh from BonningtonLeith Harbour_FESunrise on the Fife CoastPloughingHarbour at Low Tide_FEPeelingtheOakBarkCadzowFW.jpgOn the River Orwell_FESam BoughSam Bough
Across the SolwaySam Bough - Firing the RocketSam Bough - The Water of Leith
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