10 June - 9 July 2016

Provocative one-off textiles, wallpapers & panels from Timorous Beasties: a selection of new work presented by The Fine Art Society in Edinburgh.

To mark our 140th anniversary of selling art and design, The Fine Art Society in Edinburgh will be exhibiting a collection of one-off pieces from Glasgow’s Timorous Beasties. Their radically unconventional textile and wallpaper design marked Timorous Beasties out from its inception in 1990. Continuing The Fine Art Society’s long tradition of showcasing designers – William Morris, Christopher Dresser, Thomas Jekyll and A W N Pugin amongst them – we will have on display unique textile panels with their inimitable designs that combine the bucolic and urban, the pretty and the ugly. Also floor and scatter cushions embellished with embroidery, each individual. Designs that reference Chinese wallpaper panels, damask and toile de Jouey include nature you’d least expect to see: reptiles, raptors and insects alongside human debris. Their edgy designs inextricably link flora, fauna and human life following the example of John Ruskin who related a universal connection between nature, art and society. The designs, which begin with beautifully executed observations of the natural world, are taken into the 21st century with the digital technology. In a process that visionaries like William Morris could not have dreamt of, their organic trademark is taken to a digital degree of heightened details, scale and range and depth of colour. Once hi tech has played its part, they turn to low tech hand print and applique work making every piece it’s own. The layers of print, machine made and handmade, expose what lies beneath and beyond, challenging conventional aesthetic assumptions about beauty in Nature.