12 - 27 August 2017

The Fine Art Society’s annual exhibition at The Harbour Cottage Gallery will lead, as ever, with a group of Galloway pictures. Many have been acquired from private sources and have not been seen since they were first sold by the artist. Amongst these pictures are a group of Chris Jane Fergussons including a particularly impressive oil of a Galloway farm. Here she deploys all of her painterly skills to show a farmyard as the summer sun sets across it.

Also included in the collection of pictures is a large work on vellum by Jessie Marion King. The subject is Bonnie Kilmeny, an illustration to James Hogg’s work poem of the same name. At the earlier end of the scale is a diminutive oil by James Faed Senior of a very finely painted study of a woodland floor, almost Pre-Raphaelite in its detail. Other pictures include work by James Paterson, James Whitelaw Hamilton, W S MacGeorge, E A Taylor, Charles Oppenheimer and William Hanna Clarke. Particularly pleasing is that we are able to show such a broad range of artists that have all been part of the history of the Harbour Cottage Gallery which celebrates its 60th anniversary this year.

On the first floor, will hang a selection of our most recent acquisitions including works by Allan Ramsay, Alexander Nasmyth, James Watterston Herald, Anne Redpath and John Byrne. Also on the first floor, will hang the exhibition ‘A Still Life’ which will include a range of works including Thomas Faed, John Bulloch Souter, James Cowie, George Leslie Hunter, Robert MacBryde, Alberto Morrocco, David Sinclair and Robin Philipson. Still life has been an enduring genre over several centuries and a range of style and media can be seen amongst our pictures.

Press release

In this, The Fine Art Society’s 39th year of showing Galloway paintings in Galloway, we will bring work by the Faed family through to William Stewart MacGeorge, William Hanna Clarke, James Paterson and Jessie Marion King.

Accompanying this show will be A Still Life, paintings from the mid nineteenth century to the present: Thomas Faed, Constance Walton, George Leslie Hunter, Sir William Gillies, Robert MacBryde and Alberto Morrocco.