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18th January - 16 February 2019

The Fine Art Society presents a selling exhibition of works by British printmakers of the last two centuries, including etchings, linocuts, woodcuts and engravings. The exhibition spans over 200 years of artist printmaking production and includes some of the most notable British prints: A Manhattan Excavation, 1923, by Sir Muirhead Bone, James McBey’s Venetian etchings, scenes of Edinburgh and Glasgow by architect and etcher William Walcot, Pre-Raphelite engravings by Robert Sargent Austin. A group of rare prints by James McIntosh Patrick will also be displayed.

Works by the following artists will be on show: Alexander Runciman, David Allan, Sir David Wilkie, William Walcot, Sir Muirhead Bone, James McBey, Gerald Leslie Brockhurst, Robert Sargent Austin, Charles Frederick Tunnicliffe and William Wilson.

Also included will be a showcase of etchings, aquatints and lino prints by London-based artist Jack Fawdry Tatham.
Muirhead Bone - A Manhattan Excavation, 1923J M Patrick - Briggs MenJ M Patrick - The Ramparts, CarcassonneWilliam Wilson
PietaC F Tunnicliffe - Black AngusAlexander Runciman
Ariadne reclined on her right sideJames McIntosh Patrick
GlencoeJ M Patrick - Villeneuve les AvignonJ M Patrick - Briggs Refinery, DundeeAustin - Portrait of a WomanWalter Geikie
Fair GamblersWilliam Walcot - Municipal Buildings, GlasgowG L Brockhurst - CyprianoGeorge W L Paterson
Hen HarrierWilliam Wilson
The Farm 1929David Allan - The Black Stool or Presbyterian PenanceWillem de Zwart - Wood CutterJ M Patrick - Tidal BasinWilliam Walcot - Royal Scottish AcademyJack Fawdry Tatham - The CrenulationsAlexander Runciman
Ariadne reclined on her right sideJames McBey - The Riva at DuskStanley Anderson - The National GalleryAustin - BethlehemJack Fawdry Tatham - Mongoose and ManG L Brockhurst - Amberley Boy No.2Austin - Tethering a GoatJ M Patrick - Loch EtiveJ M Patrick - TarasconJack Fawdry Tatham - Some Turn at BayJack Fawdry Tatham - GoldJ M Patrick - Snow Storm, Dundee HarbourDavid Wilkie - The Sedan ChairJ M Patrick - A Quaint Corner of AvignonJ M Patrick - Tidal Basin, Dundee HarbourStanley Anderson - Cafe des Papes, AvignonJ M Patrick - AvignonWilliam Wilson
Swanston FarmJack Fawdry Tatham - Moon Beam, SunbearJack Fawdry Tatham - The Durian and her HedgehogsJack Fawdry Tatham - Lords and LadiesJack Fawdry Tatham - A Passion Sea EnsnarlingWilliam Walcot - The ClydeWilliam Walcot - The ForthAustin - DeerJack Fawdry Tatham - Among the bearded bearMan on horsebackJack Fawdry Tatham - I See Her Yet, the Sonsy QueenAustin - Woman PrayingDavid Wilkie - Woman at a Window, Reading a LetterWhydale - Night Time at the FairJames McIntosh Patrick
Loch LomondAlexander Runciman
St Margaret landing at DunfermlineWilliam Walcot - West End, EdinburghJ M Patrick - Course des Taureaux aux Arenes - ArlesJ M Patrick - Les Baux, ProvenceJ M Patrick - BrugesJ M Patrick - AssisiAnders Zorn - Gulli IIRobert Sargent Austin - Evening, ChapelFritz Eichenberg
The SubwayJack Fawdry Tatham - Left LookingAustin - Donkeys
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