FAS Edinburgh
16th November - 22 December 2018

The Fine Art Society in Edinburgh presents an exhibition of works in black and white covering over two hundred years of Scottish art.

Etchings, pencil drawings, woodcuts and works in pen and wash are among works by Scottish artists including Alexander Runciman, Sir Muirhead Bone, Robert Henderson Blyth, Jack Knox, and John Byrne.
John Byrne
Ron Donachie as Dennis SproulWilliam Oliphant Hutchison
Bemax-The FairgroundErnest Stephen Lumsden
ShipwreckJB SouterJohn Bulloch Souter
Girl with GuitarClassical Frieze_FESir Muirhead Bone - The Old Church, SeafordDavid Sinclair - Jugs on TableJB Souter_Bugatti Olympia_FWJack Knox - AsparagusJB SouterJohn Duncan
Girl with a ParrotAlexander Runciman - The Annunciation after VerdierWill Maclean
Admiralty Manual (1)David Sinclair - WaitingJohn Byrne - Robbie Coltrane as Danny McGlone on the TVRobert Henderson Blyth - The CrabHFLM - The Mound looking toward Calton HillJack Knox - PeppersRobert Colquhoun
Head of a Man in ProfileRobert Henderson Blyth - A CowhandJohn Bulloch Souter
Portrait of a Lady in WhiteSir William Oliphant Hutchison
Interior at Blyth Hill with HP HutchisonJohn Byrne - Shoe
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