FAS Edinburgh
16th November - 22 December 2018

Based on northern European archaeology, natural history and the everyday designed world, the sculptures on display (26 works including wall mounted pieces) are made in traditional sculptural materials: stone, wood, slate, and marble. The forms, shapes and ideas are both contemporary and ancient. The Neolithic archaeological finds of Arran inspire Pomeroy. They lend his work a mysterious and precious quality and hint at otherworldliness. Tim Pomeroy was born in Hamilton, Scotland in 1957. He attended Gray’s School of Art from 1976-81 and has worked as a full-time artist since 1983.


“There is, in short, an intense, transformative synergy of images and materials in Tim Pomeroy's sculpture which goes beyond what mere words, however imaginatively and carefully chosen, can do – a unifying poetry within which those interweaving acts of hand, thought and emotion convey the sacred in a most profoundly contemporary form.”
- Nicholas Usherwood (2015)
Tim Pomeroy - Reliquary IIITim Pomeroy - Square Cross ITim Pomeroy - Marble CrescentTim Pomeroy
WingsTim Pomeroy - Marble WaveTim Pomeroy - Belgian Blue CrescentTim Pomeroy 
Grooved WhorlTim Pomeroy - Four Panels CedarTim Pomeroy
Mace IITim Pomeroy - Square Cross IITim Pomeroy - Chamfered WhorlTim Pomeroy - StarfruitTim Pomeroy - EclipseTim Pomeroy - Poppy GearTim Pomeroy - Cedar Grain IITim Pomeroy - Black WhorlTim Pomeroy - Large Yew PodTim Pomeroy - GripTim Pomeroy - Marble PodTim Pomeroy - Cedar EtchingTim Pomeroy - Two Panel CedarTim Pomeroy
Brass Piece ITim Pomeroy - Four Panel CedarTim Pomeroy - Cedar Grain ITim Pomeroy
Hatched WhorlTim Pomeroy - Reed Roundel
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