FAS Edinburgh
20th July - 11 August 2018

As part of Edinburgh Art Festival (26 July – 26 August 2018), Assemblage focuses on Scottish artists’ contribution to the medium pioneered by Cubism and Surrealism, exploring the significance of found objects and constructed narratives in conveying history and cultural identity.

With works by a variety of artists and covering more than fifty years, the exhibition highlights experimentation in media and the new significance that objects can take on when incorporated into artworks.

The exhibition is part of Edinburgh Art Festival, 26 July - 26 August 2018

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Alberto Morrocco
Still Life with MelonAlastair Dickson
Our Leaping UniverseMairi Timony 
Night FallFiona Dean
Head over HeelsFred Stiven 
Balance BoxFiona Dean
Popping OutJohn Kirkwood
Bulkhead with F15 OverheadFiona Dean 
Popping Out AgainJock McFadyen
Car Park number 9Fred Stiven 
Shelf BoxSilvy Weatherall
Eyes at the back of my headMairi Timony
Shore LineWill Maclean
Interior, Wester RossGary Anderson
Seeing Mr MerrickWill Maclean
Icon for a FishermanJock McFadyen
QuarryJohn Kirkwood
Battle Over GrangemouthAlberto Morrocco
Nuts and Nails - Two FishSilvy Weatherall
A brush with the pastAlastair Dickson
Behold My Kilted DancersAlberto Morrocco
Still Life with Calf's HeadWill Maclean
Metamorphic Bird
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