FAS Edinburgh
20th April - 12 May 2018

The Fine Art Society in Edinburgh presents Anchored Under Red Rock, an exhibition of works from across the career of Devonshire-based artist Graham Rich.

Rich’s works range from large scale installations to small constructed scenes formed from the remnants of boats and objects he has found along the Devonshire coast. Often dwarfed against a backdrop of sea-worn paint and the marks left by maritime use, his carved motif of small sailing boats serve as symbols of hope and struggle against tribulation.

The exhibition, and one of the included works, take their title from the safe harbours of the red-rocked Devonshire coast, referencing a passage from T S Eliot’s The Waste Land:
'Come in under the shadow of this red rock
I will show you fear in a handful of dust.'

View the online catalogue here
Graham Rich - Under the Shadow of Bolt TailGraham Rich - Deben Four Tonner JaneGraham Rich - Sailing into a North Westerly GustGraham Rich - Between TidesGraham Rich - Calling the Port Hand Lay Line for AndrewGraham Rich - River Yealm TryptichGraham Rich - Unstable Air Sailing Thermal ShiftsGraham Rich - Sailing Into the BightGraham Rich - Lyme Bay After RainGraham Rich - Looking for the FairwayGraham Rich - Isla Cortegada FlagGraham Rich - DebenGraham Rich - I Will Follow You HomeGraham Rich - Finding a Way ThroughGraham Rich - Two BoatsGraham Rich - Lucky Blue ShiftGraham Rich - Crosssing the Rust ShelfGraham Rich - Wet and DryGraham Rich - Crossing the LedgeWhite Painting River ExeGraham Rich - River Yealm DiptychGraham Rich - Retreat boatyard bookGraham Rich - Roger's RuleGraham Rich - Turf Reach River ExeGraham Rich - Flare Path off Ferrara BeachGraham Rich - Boats and BirdsGraham Rich - Waiting for the TideGraham Rich - Looking for Lorca's third ArchGraham Rich - Isla Cortegada DoorGraham Rich - Bart van der LeckGraham Rich - Summer SeaGraham Rich - Night VoyageGraham Rich - Crossing the Bar SalcombeGraham Rich - Dick Hook UnderwaterGraham Rich - Tacking into Bolt HeadGraham Rich - The North WallGraham Rich - Anchored Under Red RockGraham Rich - Leaving First Perch to Port D.Graham Rich - Mewstone PassageGraham Rich - CloudGraham Rich - Thinking of VigilantGraham Rich - Start PointGraham Rich - Little CloudGraham Rich - Sailing with Malevich Feb 23rd 2018Graham Rich - PatienceGraham Rich - An Angel Passing to WindwardGraham Rich - Sailing Past the Black SquareGraham Rich - Sailing into the LightGraham Rich - Glittering SeaGraham Rich - GatewayGraham Rich - Under The FloorsGraham Rich - Ferrara BeachGraham Rich - Easterly SquallGraham Rich - Lime Kiln - Bow CreekGraham Rich - Five Boats Leaving the BightGraham Rich - Early Morning Bow Creek River DartGraham Rich - Crossing Day's LedgeGraham Rich - WindowGraham Rich - Sailing over the ClockGraham Rich - Trying to reach the seaGraham Rich - Red Rock ReflectionsGraham Rich - North Bay Before DuskGraham Rich - Ships that PassGraham Rich - How I Feel TodayGraham Rich - The Day Before YesterdayGraham Rich - On Stand Between TidesGraham Rich - Marks made by WaterGraham Rich - Leaving BanthamGraham Rich - You Lead the WayGraham Rich - Lifting Chris Jones off Red Rock BeachGraham Rich - A Handful of sandGraham Rich - Triptych for I. H. F.Graham Rich - Sailing Free from A Dangerous lee shoreGraham Rich - Siver TriptychGraham Rich - Taking the inside passage Start PointGraham Rich - High PressureGraham Rich - The CrossingGraham Rich - Vertical Intervals 1 to 17Graham Rich - Reaching Home Past Dawlish WarrenGraham Rich - Exploring Caves under Red Rock
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