FAS Edinburgh
23rd November - 23 December 2017

The Fine Art Society in Edinburgh presents Modern Scottish Paintings 1940-1985, a selling exhibition of works created by Scottish artists in a period that emphasised individualism and rebellion against perceived safety and mundanity in the art that preceded it. Central to the exhibition is the large scale Teddy Boys by Pat Douthwaite, painted two years into her career when first establishing her favoured medium of enamel paint on board. Barbara Balmer’s Theatre of Dreams portrays a beautifully stylised Tuscan landscape, and also included are two vibrant still lifes by Robert Macbryde.


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Robert Macbryde
Still Life with a MandolinEduardo Paolozzi
52 Pieces for OrchestaStudioInterior-FW.jpgBet Low
Summer Evening, Northern IslesThe-Old-HarbourFW.jpgJack Knox 
Beach Tent (North Sea)Barbara Rae
Untitled (Abstract)Keith Henderson
Army Encampment, DawnTM-Inner-Harbour-FW.jpgPitcandrumFW.jpgRobert Colquhoun
Head of a Man in ProfileRobert Macbryde
Still Life with BonesPat Douthwaite
Teddy BoysJohn Mackay
Gunner RAPat Douthwaite
Woman with a Black Hat
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