FAS Edinburgh
21st July - 28 August 2017

An ornithologically themed exhibition of paintings, prints, taxidermy and design from Scottish artists spanning 300 years. One off prints on canvas by Timorous Beasties, taxidermy by Fiona Dean, and deconstructed taxidermy by Silvy Weatherall. Additional works by William Gouw Ferguson, Alexander Fraser Jnr, Edwin Alexander, Will Maclean, John Byrne, coloured engraved plates from 'American Ornithology' by Alexander Wilson, and more.
Fiona Dean
Hear me outTimorous Beasties
Game OnJohn James Audubon
Great Crow Blackbirds
American OrnithologySilvy Weatherall
Grouse Skull MandalaA Still Life of BlackcockTimorous Beasties
Fruit FightersRaymond Booth
Four Studies of a BramblingSilvy Weatherall
Reeves StarburstTimorous Beasties
Lovers' HuffGeorge W L Paterson
Hoopoe and Parrion FlowersTimorous Beasties
Un'tit'ledRaymond Booth
Study of a Juvenile Black Headed Gull in Winter PlumageSilvy Weatherall
Grouse Skull FractalsFiona Dean
Last BreathFiona Dean
HuntedTimorous Beasties
ScowlTimorous Beasties
Two Hawfinches make an inchAlexander Wilson
American OrnithologyTimorous Beasties
Upupa EpopsRalston Gudgeon
MoorhensSilvy Weatherall
Beak 'O'Fiona Dean
It's not too lateTimorous Beasties 
Billion Dollar BustardTimorous Beasties
PheasantTimorous Beasties
Bug Tag TugFiona Dean
HunterTimorous Beasties
Love BirdsTimorous Beasties
Psychedelic RookTimorous Beasties
Dead PeckerTimorous Beasties
Angry BirdsTimorous Beasties
Bird TagTimorous Beasties
Fire BirdsTimorous Beasties
Blackbird BouquetRaymond Booth
Study of a Black Headed GullGeorge W L Paterson
Hen HarrierFiona Dean 
The pursuit of happinessJohn Byrne
Mississippi KiteWill Maclean
Metamorphic BirdWilliam Gouw Ferguson
Game Still Life on Marble SlabAlexander Fraser
The HeronTimorous Beasties
Blue ThroatSilvy Weatherall
Mallard wheelWilliam Gouw Ferguson
A pigeon, kingfisher, woodpecker and other birds with hunting paraphernaliaduck-for-web.jpgTimorous Beasties
Pecker MountainGeorge W L Paterson
Little Owl and BindweedFiona Dean
Let me in Set me freeSilvy Weatherall
Peacock Feather MandalaSilvy Weatherall
Red LegsTimorous Beasties
Golden Pheasant
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