FAS Edinburgh
21st July - 28 August 2017

In a reaction to the prescribed approach to the Victorian painting of the late nineteenth century, the Glasgow Boys sought a new and ‘modern’ style of painting, where their compositions showed a particular interest in rural realism, in working out-of-doors, and in French-inspired tonal and compositional techniques.

This exhibition brings together works by James Paterson, Arthur Melville, SIr James Guthrie, James Whitelaw Hamilton, Edward Arthur Walton, John Quinton Pringle, Harrington Mann, and Constance Walton.
E A Walton
Figures on a bridge, SuffolkJames Whitelaw Hamilton
Farm by Moonlight, BerkshireJames Whitelaw Hamilton
Autumn ReverieArthur Melville
The StormJames Whitelaw Hamilton
Rhu Bay, SundownPringle
Tending the DucksMelville-Soldiers-and-Boy-w.jpgArthur Melville
Mosul at DawnJames Guthrie
The Shepherd BoyE A Walton
The coal cart, ChelseaE A Walton
Uplands of CeresConstance Walton
Pink and Yellow FlowersE A Walton
The Young FishermanE A Walton
Farmer’s Boy and Cattle in a ByreE A Walton
The Mill on the GriffeHarrington Mann
The BrookEdward Arthur Walton
Gatehouse of Fleet
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