FAS Edinburgh
12th August - 27 August 2017

In this, The Fine Art Society’s 39th year of showing Galloway paintings in Galloway, we will bring work by the Faed family through to William Stewart MacGeorge, William Hanna Clarke, James Paterson and Jessie Marion King.

Accompanying this show will be A Still Life, paintings from the mid nineteenth century to the present: Thomas Faed, Constance Walton, George Leslie Hunter, Sir William Gillies, Robert MacBryde and Alberto Morrocco.

Venue details:

The Harbour Cottage Gallery

Castle Bank




The exhibition opens at 2pm on Saturday, August 12th.

All pictures for sale in advance of opening.

David Sinclair - WaitingDavid Sinclair - Jugs on TableRaymond Booth - Fritilaria KotschyanaJames Faed - Study from NatureJ B Souter
Loaf of BreadC J Fergusson - Easter sunshine, Farmstead near Barcloy Mill, RockcliffeA Town in SpainJames Faed Junior
White Cattle in Cadzow ForestThomas Marjoribanks Hay - Winter Sun on the SolwayRobert Macbryde
Still Life with a MandolinA R Sturrock - On the Solway, Castle PointDavid Sinclair - Broken ShelfJessie M King - Plans de ParisCharles Oppenheimer - Sunlight and Shadow on the Italian AlpsE A Taylor - The Firth of ClydeC J Fergusson - Rockcliffe Bay, KircudbrightshireJessie Marion King - Bonnie KilmenyThomas Faed
Croft InteriorJoseph Denovan Adam, Evening, StrathspeyRaymond Booth - Pophiopedrium AppletonianumMother and Children_FWAlberto Morrocco
Still Life with MelonJames Faed - Fishing in Woodland StreamWilliam Hanna Clarke - Gathering WoodJames Watterston Herald
HomewardRaymond Booth - Fritilaria MontanumThomas Marjoribanks Hay - AuchencairnDavid Sinclair
Lobster, Crab, Langoustines, Oysters and Silver TassiesJames Faed - On the Moors in September, Loch Dungeon in the distanceWilliam Stewart MacGeorge - The Mouth of the DeeJames Cowie
Jug in a Yellow BowlAlexander Runciman
Musicians in a romantic landscapeRaymond Booth - Fritilaria GracilisThomas Faed - Portrait of Effie DeanJames Paterson - Seated at the Roadside, The Monaive to Craigenddarroch RoadJames Faed - Rocks and Heather 1892David Sinclair - TimetableJugs and Bowl - Jugs and BowlWilliam Kidd
The Cook and the Gameskeeper
scottish artRaymond Booth - Paphiopedilum BarbatumJohn Byrne
Knocking on Heaven's DoorWilliam Stewart MacGeorge
The Harbour, KirkcudbrightRaymond Booth - Dendrolium AureumRaymond Booth - Iris Willmottiana AlbaC J Fergusson - The Mill House, New AbbeyAlexander Nasmyth
Barskimming BridgeLena Alexander - Still Life with Stargazer LilliesWilliam Hanna Clarke - On the DeeCharles Oppenheimer - Runswick BayRaymond Booth - A Shelf of PlantsDavid Sinclair - The Wall Beside an ArmoireThe-Old-HarbourFW.jpgfirst-bloom-for-web.jpgRobert Macbryde
Still Life with BonesJohn Rutherford Armstrong - Leeks and OrangesJames Paterson
Autumn Sunset on the CairnJames Whitelaw Hamilton - Evening CalmAlexander Kimm - River Landscape, KirkcudbrightErnest Archibald Taylor
Houses by the Sea, Galloway
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