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  • > John Bulloch Souter
1890 - 1972
Souter was born in Aberdeen and trained at Gray's School of Art. Initially his work concentrated on portraits and Aberdeen street scenes. In 1922 he moved to London and became a fashionable portrait painter, with sitters including Ivor Novello and Gladys Cooper.
Souter-Yellow-Dress.jpgJ B Souter
The Gondola Yard of Squero San Trovaso, VeniceJB SouterJB SouterJB SouterJB SouterJ B Souter
Self PortraitJB SouterJB SouterJB SouterJB SOuter_A Good Gardener_FWJB Souter_Bird Watching_FWJB Souter_Bugatti Olympia_FWJ B Souter
Loaf of BreadJB Souter_Grenouille Surprise_FWJB Souter_Most Interesting_FWJB Souter_Pals_FWJB Souter_Royal Extraction_FWJB Souter_Sostenuto (ma non troppo)_FWJB Souter_Taille Directe_FWJohn Bulloch Souter
Black JugJohn Bulloch Souter
Study of the Nun Jerónima de la Fuente, Diego VelázquezJohn Bulloch Souter
Portrait of a Woman with BonnetJohn Bulloch Souter
Girl with GuitarJohn Bulloch Souter
Study of Don Diego del Corral y Arellano, Diego VelázquezJohn Bulloch Souter
Portrait of a Lady in WhiteJohn Bulloch Souter
Portrait of a Boy with Fur CoatJohn Bulloch Souter
Portrait of a Boy with HatJohn Bulloch Souter
Portrait of an UrchinJohn Bulloch Souter
Lady with FanPortrait of John Jack, 1916-1917J B souter
Still Life, Lemon and Grapes
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