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  • > Jessie Marion King
1875 - 1949
King studied at the Glasgow School of Art where, during the 1890s, she was influenced by the work of Jessie Newbery and the Four. She developed a highly individual illustrative style based upon exquisite pen and ink drawing. The late nineteenth century believed in the concept of the total work of art, bringing together various branches of art and in this respect King was a part of the Symbolist movement, working as a designer of jewellery, tiles, fabrics, wallpapers and book covers. In 1908 she married E.A. Taylor and in 1911 they moved to Paris, establishing an art school - the Shealing Atelier before returning to Scotland, to paint in Kirkcudbright. King's later watercolours show a bold, colourful approach. She experimented with acidic dyes to give more brilliant colours and also worked on ceramic. King was widely talented, with her exquisitely detailed and executed drawings and illustrations, often painted on vellum and sometimes heightened with gold, have few rivals in British art of the period.
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