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1906 - 1992
Talbert McLean was born in Dundee. He studied at Dundee School of Art and also taught there for a while before moving to London and working as a cartoonist. War service took McLean to North Wales - where he became friends with the artist William Scott - and to North Africa where he was engaged in map-making. After the war he rejoined his family at Kirriemuir, before moving to Arbroath when McLean secured a job teaching at the High School. He died at Dundee. Talbert McLean is known for his abstract works in acrylic; earlier in his career he also painted in watercolour. His work is well-represented in public collections in Scotland.
TM-Inner-Harbour-FW.jpgTM-Perilous-Yellow-FW.jpgTM-Carlinghuegh-FW.jpgTalbert McLean
Blue NessTalbert McLean
Blue Veil
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