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  • > James Faed Jr
1856 - 1920
James Faed junior was the son of James Faed senior, the engraver and brother of several artisticly-gifted siblings. James junior, born at Mid Calder, Midlothian, painted Scottish landscapes in both oil and watercolour; he particularly enjoyed painting in Galloway.
faed-autumn.jpgKnocknarling Burn_chattelsBen A'an from Loch Katrine_chattelsHeather-on-a-Hillside.jpgJames Faed Jr
Rocks and HeatherJames Faed Jnr
Warm weather on the moorsJames Faed Jnr
Heather blooming in a Highland landscapeJames Faed - On the Moors in September, Loch Dungeon in the distanceJames Faed - Rocks and Heather 1892
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