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Born in Paisley, Renfrewshire, John Byrne is one of the most inventive and contrary artists working in Scotland today. Both stylistically and in terms of subject matter his work fizzes off in all directions, always however underpinned by technical mastery. He is probably more widely known for his work in the theatre and television, with plays like Slab Boys and Tutti Frutti. As a painter he is quite without parallel. As his friend Robbie Coltrane wrote in 2000 of Byrne's sketches 'if I could draw like that I would give up everything else in my life'.
John Byrne
Donovan SingingThe-HuntsmanFW.jpgDead-EndFW.jpgTaking-the-Dog-for-a-Walk-F.jpgThe-Carpenter-FW.jpgself-portraitFWJohn Byrne
White RoseJohn Byrne
Emma Thompson as Suzi KettlesJohn Byrne
High LifeJohn Byrne
Cat BurglarJohn Byrne
Subway RiderJohn Byrne
Lopsided Love StoryJohn Byrne
Mother LoveJohn Byrne
Downtown DandyJohn Byrne
Self Portrait in Gold-tinted GlassesJohn Byrne
Art FactoryJohn Byrne
Hallelujah!John Byrne
Chuck it!John Byrne
Softly, SoftlyJohn Byrne
Big Boy & Little OwlJohn Byrne
Red Sails in the SunsetJohn Byrne
Twixt the Devil & The Deep Blue SeaJohn Byrne
portrait of tilda swintonSelf Portrait with Seashells_FWJohn Byrne
Girl With Poppies 1972John Byrne
Lost & Hungry
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