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  • > Graham Rich
An artist with a passion for boats since the age of ten, Graham Rich uses marine paint on wood and boat fragments he finds during his voyages along the coast of Devon and Cornwall. The sailing boat in his paintings has become a metaphor for existence, ever since his wife was dangerously ill in hospital. “I began cutting the boat into found wood as a result of this medical emergency. The eidetic image of the boat was accompanied by a repetitive mantra in my brain that said, ‘I must sail my wife safely home’. I cut the image of the boat into pieces of found wood day after day until my wife returned to me safe and well.”
Graham Rich - River Yealm DiptychGraham Rich - Anchored Under Red RockGraham Rich - Isla Cortegada FlagGraham Rich - River Yealm TryptichGraham Rich - Calling the Port Hand Lay Line for AndrewGraham Rich - Taking the inside passage Start PointGraham Rich - Sailing Past the Black SquareGraham Rich - Lucky Blue ShiftGraham Rich - High Pressure
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